What People Say

“Luck was on my side when I was introduced to Nina of grennimedia! She is the imaginative, creative and supportive force behind me and my business. Let the grennimedia wind be on your back as well to propel your dreams into the right direction.”
Marlene McKee, Owner, Nutrition for Health and Longevity

“Thank you for all you hard work on ‘Wallenda’ and making it a success. We appreciate all the time and energy you gave to making the actors sound ‘ausgezeichnet’.”
VW Scheich & Uyen Le , Director/ Producers ‘Wallenda’

“I could not have found a better publicist – her hunger to help is fantastic and her resources are amazing.”
Jody Whitesides , Musician

“Thanks so much for coordinating this and making it so easy! It’s always such a pleasure working with efficient PR folks who are really on the ball! Looking forward to working together again in the future.”
Sara Calabro, Founding Editor, AcuTake Health

“Upbeat, cordial, an instant friend, intelligent, a great communicator and world-experienced, Nina brings a high degree of clarity and professionalism to her skills as a journalist and editor.”
Chris Lee, Photographer, Chris Lee Photographic

“Nina has a unique ability to natively localize marketing campaigns and press outreach in two languages .
Tom Kuhr , Managing Partner, Kuhr Strategies

“Nina’s PR campaigns generated great press coverage resulting in effective sales leads. We can highly recommend Nina Grenningloh to other companies as we value her as a competent and highly esteemed partner.” Karola Liedtke, CEO, coolie® Vertrieb & Management GmbH

“Nina’s easy-going nature and positive attitude made her a joy to work with.
Allison Rynak , Vice President, Corporate Communications, Worldwinner

“Thanks to Nina’s column, the Rhein-Onliner has top-quality content. Her “Schaufenster USA” has developed a following that helped our site to establish itself as a premier online magazine in the region and worldwide. Nina always impresses by her timely delivery of content, her journalistic skills, and a sharp style of writing. To find such a reliable contributor at a long distance is a gift. The daily work flow with her, between Germany and the USA, is absolutely smooth – thanks to the Internet. Thanks to her excellent sense of news, Nina has always delivered premium posts.”
Christian Preuß, Publisher and Chief Editor Rhein-Onliner

“Nina has assisted me in setting up and growing my YouTube campaign, called “One Song A Week”. Using Facebook, Twitter, press releases and other online recommendation sites, Nina’s efforts helped me grow my channel from zero fans to over 700 subscribers and nearly 30,000 upload views after only 8 months. Without Nina’s creativity and knowledge of social media marketing, I would have never reached that goal. I can only recommend Nina to other artists and businesses out there as I’m sure that her tremendous vision will be an asset to any PR program.”
Femke Weidema , Singer/Songwriter

“Her value cannot be measured, and she is a key component to our success.
, Seasoned Business Strategist and Team Leader

„Mit aufwendigen Recherchen im Nationalarchiv hat sie zu einem historischen Projekt des Studio Kairo beigetragen. [...] Wir können Frau Grenningloh für weitere Aufgaben im journalistischen Bereich empfehlen.”
Eberhard Piltz, Studioleiter, ZDF Washington

“Bei den Übersetzungen im AVP-Newsletter setzen wir auf Nina Grenningloh, da sie lange im Thema ist und die abgegebene Arbeit dadurch sehr fachkundig ist. Für Nina ist es auch kein Problem, wenn es mal wieder “Gestern” fertig sein muss.”
Kai Kröger, Chefredakteur, AVP-Newsletter

„Mit hoher Eigeninitiative ging Frau Grenningloh neue Themen an und realisierte diese zum terminkritischen Tagesgeschäft. Die erfolgreichen Ergebnisse resultierten nicht zuletzt aus ihrer schnellen Auffassungsgabe und ihrer gewissenhaften und strukturierten Arbeitsweise.”
Peter Barysch, Owner, PR-Agency PRPB (now incorporated into extract PR)

“I was tremendously impressed with the quality of work Nina did for me, as well as with her reliability, her way of following through with anything she started, her ability to solve problems, and the sense of initiative she showed.”
Winfried Schleiner , Professor of English, UC Davis