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Guest Post by Sarah Camatta , German TV-Host and Actress

This summer I had the great opportunity to do an internship in Los Angeles. I worked in a beautiful office with the nicest people in the world. We made “Hollywood Stories” for the German press; a dream job!

Sarah on the Walk of Fame

Sarah on the Walk of Fame, copyright: Sarah Camatta

I was very lucky, because I found a nice place to stay in Westwood in a pretty house with great roommates very close to the office. So I walked to work every morning. I think I really was the only person who did walk to work, but I loved it!

Running into Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

At work, I had the chance to do so many different and interesting things: I had to translate and transcript interviews with Bernhard Hiller , The Black Eyed Peas, Billy Ray Cyrus, Ron Jeremy, and many more. I went to an awesome photo shoot with Lucas Till in Long Beach. And I helped to do a lot of “Hollywood Story” videos for a German website. I attended, for example, the ceremony when Cameron Diaz received her star at the “Walk of Fame” and I happened to see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes there. But the best experience was that I did interviews on my own. I had the great opportunity to meet Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown from “Back to the Future”). He really is a very nice and gentle guy, and I am so thankful for that moment although I was very nervous. During the interview I was searching for the right English words because my English must have suddenly gone out of the room leaving me all alone… but I finally did it.

Cameron Diaz receiving her star on the Walk of Fame, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Cameron Diaz receiving her star on the Walk of Fame, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Furthermore, I did an interview with Father Gregory Boyle from “ Homeboy Industries “. He helps ex- gang members to get off the street and start a “normal” life. I really admire him. And if I had any money I would give it to him to help him because what he does is great.

Interviewing Hall & Oates

Another Interview I was allowed to do was with the Pop Duo Hall & Oates (Daryl Hall and John Oates) in San Diego after a great award show where they got honored for their lifetime success.

Sarah interviews pop duo Hall and Oates, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Sarah interviews pop duo Hall and Oates, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Reporting on Michael Jackson

Besides all the great stories we did there was one very sad day and a sad story: The death of Michael Jackson . I really liked him when I was young, and I had seen him live twice!

I went to the hospital some minutes after his death. I felt sad and grateful at the same time that I was in Los Angeles on that day. One day after our report on the state of shock in the city we went to his star at the “Walk of Fame” and to his house in the Holmby Hills , and we talked to a lot of sad and shaken people on the street.

Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Learning sexy dance moves from Lacey Schwimmer

However, besides all the great work I did I also had some free time. And I because I love sports, I exercised as much as I could: I did yoga - indoor and outdoor at the beach, I climbed the Santa Monica stairs three times, I went jogging on the beach, I had a great workout with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak , and I learned sexy dance moves from TV dance star Lacey Schwimmer . From her I learned that the most important thing in life is to look sexy. It doesn’t matter what you do, but do it in a sexy way…that was fun!

Sarah learning sexy moves from Lacey Schwimmer, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Sarah learning sexy moves from Lacey Schwimmer, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Eating breakfast at Urth Caffe

Above all I absolutely wanted to see some of the locations where they shot my favorite TV-show “ The O.C. “. Of course, they are not in Orange County. And the different locations are not close by from each other, not at all. So it took a whole day to visit the pier, the diner, the night club and the high school, which by the way is a catholic college for girls in reality…

After all these great experiences and a really wonderful time, I love the city of Los Angeles! People are so friendly, the beach is great, and the breakfast at the “ Urth Caffé ” is delicious! They have so much healthy vegetarian food! Santa Barbara is not far away either, and I really want to go back!

Sarah's encounter with LA super heroes on the Walk of Fame, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Sarah's encounter with LA super heroes on the Walk of Fame, copyright: Sarah Camatta

Thank you all for a great time!

To: Michael, Kathrin, Sandra, Andreas, Micah, Ina and Nina, and to my roommates Robin, Ian and Matt.

Networking for Musicians and Friends - Broken Wave Social Scene

Part of my über-life as a professional freelancer is spent at numerous networking events in Los Angeles… Digital LA drinks , mediabistro parties, German-American Business Association mixers…you name it, I’m there. One of the most FUN networking mixers of all is without doubt the .  Organized once a month by Los Angeles recording studio Broken Wave Music , this event attracts an illustrious crowd of musicians and creative artists of all sorts coming together to build a network of people who support and promote each other. But what they are all really there for…is seeking pleasure in jamming, grooving, listening to cool sounds, and - let’s face it - drinking.

Together with my musician friend FEMKE , I joined the hip crowd at the last Broken Wave Social Scene two days ago and this is my report in moving images:

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Twibes: Join a Twitter Group

The following is the content of an actual email I sent out to the members of the Los Angeles voice-over marketing group I’m participating in. These 4 marketing tips are targeted to voice-over artists in Los Angeles; however, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t equally useful to self-entrepreneurs in other industries and other cities. Just find the groups and keywords that fit your professional area and have fun marketing yourself!

Marketing Tip #1: For those of you who are on Twitter

• Add yourself to the Twitter directory : You can choose 3 tags that you want to associate with your Twitter account. It will help increase visibility and ultimately followers.
• Join a Twitter group. I joined : It’s a great way to find and network with like-minded professionals on Twitter.
• Create an alert…uh…twilert(!) on : It let’s you receive regular emails on topics and keywords on Twitter that you are interested in.

Marketing Tip #2: For those of you who are on LinkedIn

• Yes, join groups that correspond to your industry like Voice Over Professionals or Voiceover Universe
• BUT also join other groups like Media Professionals or International TV Professionals, really any kind of group that might offer potential to connect with people in your area of interest (animation maybe or audio books?)
• Apart from LinkedIn, the German-based and internationally operating professional network has helped me a lot to connect with people on- and offline. They do have a great Xing Los Angeles group that actually organizes regular IN-PERSON get-togethers! And I’m sure they do have meet-ups in any other larger American city.

Marketing Tip #3: For those of you who are on

• There is a Hollywood Voice Acting Meetup group that you might want to join. It’s sponsored by Holdon Log. There are Meetup groups for almost any kind of passion or professional area all across the US, so don’t hesitate to join a group that you’ll think you enjoy in-person networking with. I’m a member of the Los Angeles Euro Meetup which organizes the most fun get-togethers!

Marketing Tip #4: For those of you who are looking into a news release distribution service

• Yes, there are tons of free distribution services out there, just google free news release distribution and you’ll find them. I found a very effective service in the past. It’s a paid service with rates starting at $80 per release. Depending on what package you choose, you can enhance your social media visibility, boost your SEO, or even add an embedded video to your release to enhance media visibility.

I hope you find these tips useful! Don’t forget, the most important thing about marketing yourself is HAVING FUN with it! Just be YOU and ENJOY YOURSELF no matter if you’re connecting with people online or offline - your personality is your greatest asset! And let me know about your experiences!

Thanks for reading!