How a German Master Chef Conquers Los Angeles Farmers’ Markets

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If you’re a regular on Los Angeles Farmers’ Markets, you might have noticed a produce stand that stands out (yes, pun intended!). Instead of the general variety of local California veggies and fruits, this stand presents an outstanding variety of freshly harvested mushrooms. Did I say mushrooms? Yes! Name anything from Chanterelle to Morels to Porcini to Black Trumpet to Shiitake - and the list goes on - and you can almost be sure that LA FungHi has it.

LA FungHi offers the widest selection of mushrooms in Southern California. And that’s a fact.

And while the selection and quality of LA FungHi produce is special - so is its owner and founder Dirk Hermann. Because Dirk is a German Master Chef. His culinary skills paired with his passion for mushrooms make Dirk your unusually resourceful farmer’s market vendor. When buying mushrooms from LA FungHi, you might find Dirk sharing some insider mushroom cooking tips with you.

Passionate About Mushrooms

Dirk became acquainted with mushrooms when he was a young boy. Growing up in the Bavarian Alps, his parents owned a number of restaurants and hotels. During several seasons, mushroom hunters came by and traded mushrooms for meals or beer. That’s when Dirk started to establish an affinity for cooking and his passion for mushrooms. From 1979 to 1982, he studied to become a chef. At the age of 18, he owned his first restaurant, Gasthof Drexle, located 45 miles south of Munich, close to Austria in the Bavarian Alps.

During Dirk’s ownership, a man named Heini would always come by with several varieties of mushrooms. They would test the consistency, color, and flavor. Then the deal was: How many beers or meals would the man get for those mushrooms? Later on, Dirk studied to become a master chef at the Bavarian school of hotel management in Altoetting.

Today, Dirk is proud to offer the best mushrooms Angelenos can think of. And I am proud to welcome LA FungHi to the grenniMEDIA family. If you’re interested in LA FungHi and the mushrooms they offer check out their website , or , or become an LA FungHi follower on Twitter !

Networking for Musicians and Friends - Broken Wave Social Scene

Part of my über-life as a professional freelancer is spent at numerous networking events in Los Angeles… Digital LA drinks , mediabistro parties, German-American Business Association mixers…you name it, I’m there. One of the most FUN networking mixers of all is without doubt the .  Organized once a month by Los Angeles recording studio Broken Wave Music , this event attracts an illustrious crowd of musicians and creative artists of all sorts coming together to build a network of people who support and promote each other. But what they are all really there for…is seeking pleasure in jamming, grooving, listening to cool sounds, and - let’s face it - drinking.

Together with my musician friend FEMKE , I joined the hip crowd at the last Broken Wave Social Scene two days ago and this is my report in moving images:

News: Music, Trends, and Germany’s Insiders

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Jody Whitesides - Los Angeles singer/songwriter

Jody Whitesides - Los Angeles singer/songwriter

What’s new at grenniMEDIA?

Musician Jody Whitesides

First and foremost, I am proud to be able to announce a new grenniMEDIA client: Jody Whitesides is a very talented young Los Angeles based musician who is currently busy preparing his Canadian single release. grenniMEDIA will provide publicist services for Jody, and is excited to be supporting Jody’s very promising endeavour.  Jody’s unique sound can be best described as a premium blend of Maroon 5, John Mayer, Lenny Kravitz, and Seal. His album Practical Insanity is available on iTunes - in fact, the first non-signed artist iTunes added to their music store. And I promise - its 12 tracks won’t disappoint any of you alternative pop rock music lovers. Music Connection magazine recently praised his display of “skill and craft without sacrificing heart or conviction.” Jody simply calls it “Music that makes your soul happy!”

STARFISH LA Trend Service

STARFISH LA Trend Service

STARFISH LA - Trend Service

STARFISH LA , an innovative media service agency based in Los Angeles, is now expanding its trend service internationally. grenniMEDIA and STARFISH LA have collaborated on putting together a convenient and affordable trend service that makes the essential addition to any editorial team. Fashion, accessories, beauty trends, whatever is en vogue in Hollywood and beyond - STARFISH is dedicated to providing the latest trend information straight from Los Angeles to magazines all over the world. The STARFISH trend service provides editors with custom-built content that is ready for publishing. It is built with the busy editorial office in mind: editors save time thanks to STARFISH’s research and easy-to-use format. Interested magazine editors can contact the STARFISH offices at nina [at] starfishla [dot] com for further information and details.

freie HONNEFER-From Inside Germany

freie HONNEFER-From Inside Germany

FreieHONNEFER - From Inside Germany

FreieHONNEFER, the popular German online magazine, has added an English language column to their wide-ranging topics and themes. The magazines chief editors explained their English expansion to an otherwise German 2.0 enterprise as follows: “Lederhosen, Black Forrest, sauerkraut? Still clichés determine the image of Germany in foreign countries. A good enough reason to fight prejudices and give some inside views from the middle of Europe. From Inside Germany - that is Christopher-Street-Day, The Seven Mountains and currywurst. Keep curious and expect the unexpected.”

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