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Twibes: Join a Twitter Group

The following is the content of an actual email I sent out to the members of the Los Angeles voice-over marketing group I’m participating in. These 4 marketing tips are targeted to voice-over artists in Los Angeles; however, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t equally useful to self-entrepreneurs in other industries and other cities. Just find the groups and keywords that fit your professional area and have fun marketing yourself!

Marketing Tip #1: For those of you who are on Twitter

• Add yourself to the Twitter directory : You can choose 3 tags that you want to associate with your Twitter account. It will help increase visibility and ultimately followers.
• Join a Twitter group. I joined : It’s a great way to find and network with like-minded professionals on Twitter.
• Create an alert…uh…twilert(!) on : It let’s you receive regular emails on topics and keywords on Twitter that you are interested in.

Marketing Tip #2: For those of you who are on LinkedIn

• Yes, join groups that correspond to your industry like Voice Over Professionals or Voiceover Universe
• BUT also join other groups like Media Professionals or International TV Professionals, really any kind of group that might offer potential to connect with people in your area of interest (animation maybe or audio books?)
• Apart from LinkedIn, the German-based and internationally operating professional network has helped me a lot to connect with people on- and offline. They do have a great Xing Los Angeles group that actually organizes regular IN-PERSON get-togethers! And I’m sure they do have meet-ups in any other larger American city.

Marketing Tip #3: For those of you who are on

• There is a Hollywood Voice Acting Meetup group that you might want to join. It’s sponsored by Holdon Log. There are Meetup groups for almost any kind of passion or professional area all across the US, so don’t hesitate to join a group that you’ll think you enjoy in-person networking with. I’m a member of the Los Angeles Euro Meetup which organizes the most fun get-togethers!

Marketing Tip #4: For those of you who are looking into a news release distribution service

• Yes, there are tons of free distribution services out there, just google free news release distribution and you’ll find them. I found a very effective service in the past. It’s a paid service with rates starting at $80 per release. Depending on what package you choose, you can enhance your social media visibility, boost your SEO, or even add an embedded video to your release to enhance media visibility.

I hope you find these tips useful! Don’t forget, the most important thing about marketing yourself is HAVING FUN with it! Just be YOU and ENJOY YOURSELF no matter if you’re connecting with people online or offline - your personality is your greatest asset! And let me know about your experiences!

Thanks for reading!

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