Facebook Marketing: What You Can Learn From the Best 100 Global Brands

Question: Do you really want to use Facebook to market yourself or your brand? Answer: Yes, absolutely! BUT you want to do it right in order to engage your fans most effectively. How, you might ask? Well, you can learn from the pros…in this case, the big brands .

WONGDOODY’s Facebook Global Best Practices study

WONGDOODY , a marketing ideas agency with offices in Seattle and Los Angeles, just published their Facebook Global Best Practices study which brings to light the Facebook activities and practices of Interbrand’s 2010 Best 100 Global Brands . Thanks to WONGDOODY’s amazing research analyzing thousands and thousands of wall posts, comments and Likes over the course of one month, you can now learn how the big brands get the best out of their Facebook marketing efforts. All you have to do is read the findings of the study , internalize the advice and implement in your own Facebook communications strategy.

Here’s an appetizer on what kind of marketing goodies you can expect:

Post regularly. Big brands know that just having a Facebook fan page doesn’t do anything for your brand. WONGDOODY’s study reveals: Be active, post on your wall at least once a day. Refrain from hard sells and instead post compelling content that your fans can engage around.

Interact with your fans. The whole point of having a Facebook fan page is to be able to interact with your fans. So let them speak freely and allow them to post on your wall. Then reply to their comments, questions and concerns. WONGDOODY’s team advises: Big brands treat their loyal fans with respect – and that means they respond.

There’s more than just a Like. In their study, WONGDOODY makes clear that big brands go the extra mile to engage their fans and encourage their activity by providing contests, quizzes, polls, incite photo submissions, and much more. There are so many more opportunities for you and your own business to spur your fans into action other than just make them hit the Like button.

What kind of marketing activities have you used on Facebook? Which ones worked for you? Which ones didn’t? I’m looking forward to your comments.