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Part of my über-life as a professional freelancer is spent at numerous networking events in Los Angeles… Digital LA drinks , mediabistro parties, German-American Business Association mixers…you name it, I’m there. One of the most FUN networking mixers of all is without doubt the .  Organized once a month by Los Angeles recording studio Broken Wave Music , this event attracts an illustrious crowd of musicians and creative artists of all sorts coming together to build a network of people who support and promote each other. But what they are all really there for…is seeking pleasure in jamming, grooving, listening to cool sounds, and - let’s face it - drinking.

Together with my musician friend FEMKE , I joined the hip crowd at the last Broken Wave Social Scene two days ago and this is my report in moving images:

August 12, 2009 · Posted in Inspiring People , Trends & Style ·

While many European musicians are trying to make it in Hollywood, it seems the young Dutch singer/songwriter FEMKE has her foot firmly in the door on both sides of the Atlantic. The Los Angeles-based musician has been collaborating with quite a few top international artists throughout the year 2009, among them Andy Caldwell (US), Sonic Me (Germany), and Georgel Arevalo (Mexico). Her latest project is a successful collaboration with popular Belgium DJ and Producer Sven van Hees . FEMKE wrote the melody and lyrics for a number of songs on van Hees’ upcoming album Maverick . The video of the album’s new single is out now!

The video was partly shot in Los Angeles. I was happy enough to be part of the L.A. video shoot assisting FEMKE with the production. And what a great experience it was to work with such talented people as videographer Chris Morgan, his wife Dana and, of course, FEMKE herself!

L.A. Video Shoot of Second in Line

L.A. Video Shoot of Second in Line

Femke was kind enough to answer a few questions regarding the new single Second in Line and the video shoot in Los Angeles. Read her exclusive interview with grenniMEDIA here:

  • How did the collaboration with Sven van Hees come about?

I met Sven through a DJ I was working with, Andy Caldwell. They were collaborating on a track and Andy thought we could be a good “songwriting match” - and he was right. We wrote 3 songs for his new album “Maverick” that will be released the end of this summer on Universal. It was a very interesting collaboration. Sven would send me an idea for a song and I would write the melody and lyrics on it, and he would finish the production around the song.

  • How was the experience working with him on this track?

It was great, very easy to work with. We were thinking of writing a “summer” track, one of those songs you would like to hear on your vacation, and we were both on the same page.

  • You wrote the melody and the lyrics and are singing on “Second in Line”. What does the song mean to you?

To me the song reminds me of free days, something that is pretty rare lately, so listening to it always makes me feel somewhat relaxed. I still remember what it feels like to just enjoy the weather and the day.

  • Can you tell us about the video shoot in Los Angeles?

The video shoot was done on 3 locations: Downtown LA, Hollywood, and the beach in Marina del Rey. We had a small group of people helping out. Chris Morgan is the camera guy and producer for the video clip. His girlfriend Dana, who is the producer for a big TV show in LA, was helping out, too. My friend Fernando was our designated driver, and Nina was an actor, helper and creative thinker in the process of finding locations and clothes. It took us about 8 hours of shooting, and I will never forget how freezing cold it was on the beach. It was around 6pm in the evening and we were waiting for the sunset. Some lifeguard allowed us to use his watch station to dance on. It was a very LA experience!!

Please tell us, dear reader, if you enjoy the video and the song. We’re looking forward to your feedback and comments! Thanks for reading grenniMEDIA - we appreciate your interest.

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