Why German Actors Are Not Successful in Hollywood…And What We Can Learn From It

I just watched a very insightful interview with Hollywood Acting Coach Bernard Hiller on the German news site . Andreas Renner from “Renner’s Hollywood” and his production house StarfishLA sat down with Bernard Hiller , who has trained superstars like George Clooney , Brad Pitt , and Cameron Diaz , and talked about the secret of becoming a successful Hollywood actor.

Successful Actors Never Stop Learning

Well, the truth is probably not too much of a secret but rather a very practical advice: Hiller said that successful Hollywood actors have one thing in common and that is they never stop learning . Seasoned actors like Dustin Hoffman or Al Pacino still work with an acting coach which is why they are so excellent – and why German actors are not.

Germans Think Too Negative

Hiller said the reason why German actors don’t make it in Hollywood (with a few exceptions e.g. Diane Kruger) is not because of their German accent or because of the fact they’re German but because of their negative attitude.  The acting coach remarked that successful actors in Hollywood have a passion for their craft and possess endless energy to follow their goal no matter what. If an actor isn’t ready to face and overcome obstacles that will be put in his or her way then, Hiller said, they don’t even need to come out to Hollywood. They should just stay where they are.

A True Star Acts Like a Star

Finally, Hiller said that people like Brad Pitt or George Clooney are real stars because they are stars in real life. They give to people in need; they remain down-to-earth and nice which makes them likable not only by their audience but also by directors, producers and other industry professionals they’re working with. No one wants to work with a narcissistic jerk on set.

Success Can Be Learned

What’s great about Bernard Hiller’s comments is that everyone can learn from them, whether you’re an actor, a German actor or a working professional in another industry. A negative attitude probably won’t get anyone very far. And if we don’t believe in us and our product, then who will? Finally, if you’re a genuinely nice person that’s fun to be around with – then the world will be your playground and doors will open for you. Pssst….just don’t do it like the Germans in Hollywood – do it like Brad Pitt or George Clooney. And never stop learning…


  1. Nice post! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are putting very good effort into the stuff you post. Keep up the good work

  2. German actors are wonderful. At the moment better than “hollywood actors”. The reason why they cannot work in hollywood is because its manly in jewish hands and they still hate germans. Finally a german actor got a oscar because it was to obvious that he was so much better than boring Brat.

  3. Hi Verena,
    Thanks for your comment! I appreciate your interest in my blog post. Glad you like German actors.

  4. German actors don’t make it in hollywood, cause German actors are among the worst you’ll ever come across. It’s cringeworthy watching them “act”…I’m German by the way…

  5. There are also many good things about German too.
    I like their straight forward attitude and direct way of talking.
    It’s just cultural differences.

  6. Yes, Germans can be very direct and straight forward in the way they talk and approach other people. As a German who lives in the US my experience is that as long as you don’t insult anybody, you’re fine. Most people appreciate an open and honest opinion.


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