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Twibes: Join a Twitter Group

The following is the content of an actual email I sent out to the members of the Los Angeles voice-over marketing group I’m participating in. These 4 marketing tips are targeted to voice-over artists in Los Angeles; however, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t equally useful to self-entrepreneurs in other industries and other cities. Just find the groups and keywords that fit your professional area and have fun marketing yourself!

Marketing Tip #1: For those of you who are on Twitter

• Add yourself to the Twitter directory : You can choose 3 tags that you want to associate with your Twitter account. It will help increase visibility and ultimately followers.
• Join a Twitter group. I joined : It’s a great way to find and network with like-minded professionals on Twitter.
• Create an alert…uh…twilert(!) on : It let’s you receive regular emails on topics and keywords on Twitter that you are interested in.

Marketing Tip #2: For those of you who are on LinkedIn

• Yes, join groups that correspond to your industry like Voice Over Professionals or Voiceover Universe
• BUT also join other groups like Media Professionals or International TV Professionals, really any kind of group that might offer potential to connect with people in your area of interest (animation maybe or audio books?)
• Apart from LinkedIn, the German-based and internationally operating professional network has helped me a lot to connect with people on- and offline. They do have a great Xing Los Angeles group that actually organizes regular IN-PERSON get-togethers! And I’m sure they do have meet-ups in any other larger American city.

Marketing Tip #3: For those of you who are on

• There is a Hollywood Voice Acting Meetup group that you might want to join. It’s sponsored by Holdon Log. There are Meetup groups for almost any kind of passion or professional area all across the US, so don’t hesitate to join a group that you’ll think you enjoy in-person networking with. I’m a member of the Los Angeles Euro Meetup which organizes the most fun get-togethers!

Marketing Tip #4: For those of you who are looking into a news release distribution service

• Yes, there are tons of free distribution services out there, just google free news release distribution and you’ll find them. I found a very effective service in the past. It’s a paid service with rates starting at $80 per release. Depending on what package you choose, you can enhance your social media visibility, boost your SEO, or even add an embedded video to your release to enhance media visibility.

I hope you find these tips useful! Don’t forget, the most important thing about marketing yourself is HAVING FUN with it! Just be YOU and ENJOY YOURSELF no matter if you’re connecting with people online or offline - your personality is your greatest asset! And let me know about your experiences!

Thanks for reading!

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grenniMEDIA at UNIQUE LA 2009

Unique LA, the Los Angeles Independent Design & Gift Sale, happens twice a year. grenniMEDIA paid a visit to the city’s upcoming uber-creative designers, and discovered some rare and eccentric finds. And, here they are:

Gräf & Lantz: Luxuriously Simple Tote Bags

First off, I want to introduce everyone to Gräf & Lantz . Yes, it’s Gräf with an umlaut! That’s because Holger Gräf , designer #1 in the team, is from Germany (my awesome home country, by the way). Gräf, together with his design partner Daniel Lantz , manufactures the most amazginly puristic and Japanese inspired tote bags from 100% merino wool. Here’s what the designer duo says about their line: ” Our goal is to create products that are luxurious, aware and functional. We have chosen to primarily use high quality 100% merino wool felt which we have produced and imported from Germany. By combining felt with other natural materials we highlight its deep rich colors and unique texture. Our high density felt not only makes a very durable and pill resistant product but also lends a sculptural quality that influences and inspires the structure and form of our designs. Each piece is handmade in the USA.” I was just blown away by their chic and luxuriously simple tote bags! Check out their 2 fresh models named Jaunt and Scoot .

Spiders and Caviar: Yummy T-shirts on Eight Legs

Tricia Tanaka , designer & owner of , presented me some of her super soft tees made from 100% supima cotton. Let me tell you, these t-shirts are softer than the softest baby skin and more yummy to the eye than any caviar to the palate. According to Tricia, “each t-shirt goes through an enzyme wash and receives a silicone finish to make them buttery soft”. I could not resist and bought 2 of Tricia’s tees, printed with environmentally friendly water based ink, and I haven’t taken them off since. No kidding!

7Lightningbolt*: Fashion for the Anti-Fashionista

7Lightningbolt* are creators of experimental clothing that will inspire every anti-fashionista out there. Their handmade pieces are made from deconstructed and revamped vintage clothing. Every piece shows its unique qualities through a variety of decoration techniques - from sewing, screen printing, and cut/sew to stenciling, painting, and airbrushing. Bringing a different spin on the mundane fashion traditionalism, the creators’ eccentric clothing line has already found fans in such celebrity style devotees as old rocker Gene Simmons , GRAMMY® nominated electronic music duo Crystal Method , Dutch trance producer and DJ Armin van Buuren as well as actor David Arquette . 7Lightningbolt* is also sponsoring the Rock’n'Roll Fantasy Camp TM , and their pieces will be featured in the new Nicholas Cage movie. Yep, and YOU can wear their progressive, revolutionary, and anti-establishment pieces, too! Just be bold!

How to Save the Planet in a Sack

Fun and Functional - that’s what the ideal environmental friendly fashion accessory should be. And, it is with PLANET SAVER SACKS ! Made with natural, prewashed unbleached cotton canvas and waterbase inks, these green totes are “endorsed by Mother Nature”. And the best of it all? Planet Saver Sacks carry an important message printed right on the tote - for everyone to see, and for the carrier to educate his fellow planet-friendly earthlings. Cindy McGrath , the woman behind the sacks, would even go so far and customize a bag for your company or event. Sounds too good to be true? You better check out the Planet Saver Sacks and start toting your own green conscience around!

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Seis Cuerdas - Flamenco for a New Generation

Seis Cuerdas playing on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Photo: Nina Grenningloh

Celebrate the Little, Precious Moments

I have decided to start writing an inspiration series. I noticed that so many encounters go by unnoticed as we hurry through our daily routine.  We might overhear someone telling a really funny joke while standing at a checkout line that makes us giggle; maybe we listen to an interesting interview on the radio while driving to work, or a great song; we might see a skateboarder doing a complicated trick on the sidewalk, or a stranger making us a compliment while we’re waiting at a red light. Whatever it is - we should not ignore the little, precious moments that we encounter every day. We should notice them, embrace them, and celebrate them! The truth is, these allegedly “unimportant” moments oftentimes make our day.

Seis Cuerdas - Flamenco Sound for Everyone

It so happend to me with these 2 brilliant flamenco guitar players who I ran into on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica a few days ago. Ezequiel and Martin Etcheverry, also known as Seis Cuerdas , were playing so magnificently and magically that I had to stop to listen. Their music immediately put me in this great summer mood, and images from Southern Spain, Andalusia , popped up in my head. While listening to the duo performing in a Santa Monica street, I suddenly found myself dreaming of a hot Spanish summer night. I imagined old men with wrinkled faces wearing tattered straw hats dawdling away in a sidewalk cafe. I thought of courting couples dancing the striking sevillanas at a fiesta. I imagined sipping a fruity sangria while enjoying a magical night of flamenco. Isn’t it amazing what two guitars played incredibly can do to you?

I have to give a shout out to Seis Cuerdas for not only stirring my imagination with their , but for kindly sharing their music with so many passerbys. Gracias, merci, and dankeschön! You guys are an inspiration!

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