Everyone Can Tap the Power of Twitter

Twitter Screen Shot April 21 7:37 pm

Many articles have been written about the power of Twitter; and many Twitter experts – who are much more adept in all tricks of the Twitter trade than I am – have described in great detail what makes Twitter so powerful and ingenious. However, reading the 10 Most Extraordinary Twitter Updates on Mashable just recently, opened my eyes once again to what extent Twitter can influence our lives.

From marriage proposals to tweets from Mars and job offers being made on Twitter to breaking news like an earth quake. On April 3rd, 2009, a woman sent actress and Twitter user Demi Moore a tweet in which she threatened to commit suicide. Moore’s response was retweeted across her huge follower base. Thanks to the Twitterati’s activities, someone alerted the authorities, who then brought the woman in for psychological evaluation. Incidents like this show the power that Twitter can have on our community. A mere 140 character message can mobilize a whole online community and lead to offline – real world – action!

But Twitter is not only saving lives. Twitter is also making stars. What Perez Hilton is in the US blogging world, is German show master 2.0 Rob Vegas in the German Twitter universe. Rob Vegas has managed to become a national  celebrity by hosting an online show and twittering about it. In his latest coup, he even takes on German night talker legend, Harald Schmidt. Rob Vegas set up a Twitter account under Schmidt’s name and is now sending Tweets to a growing list of followers. The fake Schmidt Twitterer is currently holding 2nd place of the German Twitter charts. How’s that for powerful?

In fact, Rob Vegas’ fake Twitter account was so well done that even the German media initially fell for the spoof. Of course, now that Rob Vegas has outed himself as the real Twitter-Schmidt, German reporters celebrate the young guy from the irrelevant town of Bielefeld for his success. The renowned German news magazine Der Spiegel is now even writing about Rob Vegas… What can I say, Twitter opens doors indeed.


  1. I have joined Twitter recently, but have not really gotten hooked yet in this micro-blogging service.
    Personally, I am still trying to figure out why it is so popular.

  2. Dear Maria,
    Thanks for your comment. I’m curious on what your experience with Twitter will be. So far, I have made some really great connections. It does seem to work if you’re willing to 1. spend some time on Twitter and 2. look for people that really interest you – chances are they are interested in what you do, too. Good luck!


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