FreieHONNEFER: Innovative German Web 2.0 Magazine Takes on Giants

FreieHONNEFER - Innovative German Web 2.0 Magazine

FreieHONNEFER - Innovative German Web 2.0 Magazine

More and more German newspaper readers switch from perusing daily newspapers or weekly magazines to browsing the news on the Web.  And even if some chief editors of leading German printed newspapers who under the motto “Hurray, we are still alive!” recently gathered at the Lead Awards, the so-called Oscars of the German media industry, are convinced that online content will never replace a printed article or photo – well, no offense, but they might be wrong. German online newspapers are gaining ground : As of April 2009, German Netzeitung has a new, powerful owner in the Cologne publishing house M. DuMont Schauberg. Zeit Online , the successful web version of one of Germany’s leading national weekly newspapers Die Zeit , has just been expanded. And FOCUS Online , the country’s leading weekly news magazine, has been continuously growing its online readership and is currently counting 3.6 million users per month.

FreieHONNEFER: Competing with the Big Players

And amongst all the big players, there is one news magazine that is slowly but surely moving forward; one that can already compete with the big players in Germany’s web 2.0 arena – and that web magazine is called FreieHONNEFER . Now, I’m not just mentioning the FreieHONNEFER because I happen to have a column in it. I admit, I am biased towards this innovative player on the online media scene. But do you want to blame me? What is more convenient than keeping up to date with what’s happening in my home region by browsing a website that has it all – latest regional news, current in-depth reports, compelling interviews, interesting reader blogs, and all that in categories such as politics, business, world, arts, and science.

3.88 Million Readers and Counting

The FreieHONNEFER was founded by German media pros Christian Preuß and Paul Schilling. They say about their site: “Since launching the young format in June 2008, the access to the page contents increased exponentially up to 3.88 million readers (as per 03.12.2009). Numbers of visitors and regular readers is growing, and the average session length on our site content amounts to 4.7 minutes. That makes the FreieHONNEFER already an attractive medium for advertisers and sponsors with high potentials for growth.”

A Much Bigger Goal on the Horizon

Christian and Paul could not be happier about their steady growth in readership. And while the site owners are already experiencing a great rate of success, they don’t just sit back and take things easy. As they are saying: “The FreieHONNEFER is our stepping stone for a much bigger goal. In 2009, we will launch a new Germany-wide web magazine, which will be based on the FreieHONNEFER. To reach this goal we are currently seeking sponsors and supporters who are ready to accompany us on our way for a period of 1-2 years.”