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grenniMEDIA . This is my blog. My name is Nina Grenningloh, and as you can see I used part of my last name - whether that’s wise or not, we will see - to name my venture. I am a communications professional from Germany who has been working in the international media and communications arena for over 10 years.


At the age of 18, I have started out as a reporter with a local daily newspaper in my German hometown of Iserlohn . From then onwards, it has all been one big media circus to me, and I’m loving it. Whether it was my work as a media relations executive with PR Newswire in the buzzing British metropole of London, or my job as a PR account executive with the Dusseldorf boutique agency PRPB where I managed tech accounts such as Texas Instruments’ DLP division and Christie Digital Systems’ cinema projection technology.

I learned the trade as a journalist in numerous years of freelance reporting for two of Dusseldorf’s leading newspapers, Rheinische Post and Dusseldorfer Anzeiger , during my university years. I learned what questions to ask best in interviews and which ones better not to ask; I learned how to write an up-to-the-minute report after attending a press conference; I learned how to even make the most boring piece about the local pigeon breeder society sound like a hot-topic; and yes, I learned how to cook excellent coffee using all sorts of high-end and not so recent coffee makers because that’s part of the freelancers’ and interns’ responsibilities at local newspapers, too - at least in West Germany.

Moving to California

My time as an exchange student at the University of California in Davis and an internship with the ZDF studio in Wahsington D.C., Germany’s largest news broadcaster, aroused my interest for the American lifestyle. And the decision to move to California in 2004 marked, what you can call, the manifestation of my love for the sunny US West Coast.

Once settled in Los Angeles, I took up work as a German Website Manager with Skilljam, a then internationally operating company in the online casual game space. In my role, I was responsible for managing and localizing multiple game sites into German working closely together with Skilljam’s local partner T-Online Germany.  A few months after I had started with Skilljam, there was a company merger; and as a result of that, I soon found myself working at Worldwinner/GSN, this time in a Marketing & PR role.

Global Perspective

In spring of 2008, I had the opportunity to work with a very promising California start-up in the social media arena. OleOle , the world’s largest social media platform for football fans (soccer fans!! for you Americans), hired me as a Marketing & PR Manager for their global markets.  Under the supervision of the CMO, I developed and managed OleOle’s global launch campaign including international news distribution, PR initiatives, and social marketing efforts. And who would have thought that a soccer start-up company would find its way onto the first page of the LA Times’ business section ?! Does that prove that Americans have a slight interest in soccer, after all?

From Hollywood to Germany

As of the beginning of 2009, I have started collaborating with STARFISH Los Angeles , an innovative global media service agency. STARFISH delivers entertainment content and trend information directly from Hollywood to magazines, online outlets, and broadcasting stations worldwide. I support STARFISH in setting up their global syndication and media relations as well as market and promote the agency’s trend service.

I set up grenniMEDIA with the intention to offer my expertise also to other clients that are in need of affordable communications services - with a focus on American and German markets. grenniMEDIA’s mission is to get communications right internationally for all its clients, and that includes all services - public relations campaigns, writing and translation, relationship  building and networking, media production, and strategic local communication strategies.

grenniMEDIA is here! I am happy to serve you.

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